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Related article: BAILY S MAGAZINE. IJt'ss for the purpose. The boxes are forty-two in number, are lofty and airy, without being in the least draughty. To every six boxes is a saddle-room, and above is a mess-room and lodging rooms for the men, so constructed that no odours from the stable can reach them. The cost was very moderate, and yet everything necessary for neatness and com- fort is included. As these stables face the drive as you come from the Putney gate, they are neces- sarily ornamental, and the facade, as you view it through the trees, is a picturesque feature in the approach. Every stall was occu- pied as soon as finished. The Handicap Tournament.— The Messrs. Miller have always been noted for their successful organisation of tournaments, and this year's handicap was a parti- cularly good one, the semi-final and final both producing good games. The former match was particularly good and exciting. When the semi-finals were reached on Wednesday, May loth, there were three teams in it, D, B and F. F had the bye, so that— D. Mr. Eyre Lloyd. Mr. F. Menzies. Mr. R. Hudson. Mr. Ezra. B. Mr. Drabble. Mr. I^ Wilson. Mr. Trcsham Gilbey. Lord Shrewsbury. met to try conclusions on the old ground, of which it may be said that it never was faster or in better condition. B team Buy Cyclopentolate were a good deal pressed at first, and D seemed decidedly to have the best of it, and were two goals ahead when the last period was reached. At this point the B captain, Lord Shrewsbury, went forward, Mr. Tresham Gilbey went back. They felt the benefit of Lord Shrewsbury's fast ponies, and Mr. Drabble, playing with more reso- lution and confidence, the scores were speedily made equal. This \ necessitated an extra period d. play, and Mr. Drabble going to meet the ball from Mr. KzrB.'s hit out, scored a very smart goal. The final, on Saturday, attracted a number of ^ectators, in ^te of a cold wind. Those who came and stayed enjoyed themselves, for they saw such an afternoon's polo as could only be seen Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic a few times in the season. B team was as above, and F consisted of Mr. Williams, Lord Kensington, Mr. Thynne, and Mr. Spender Clay. It would be impossible to put on paper the interest of the game, for the final score, seven goals to two, was a decisive victory for B. Space will not allow me to dwell on the very fine exhibition of polo that followed when the 13th Hussars played a strong Ranc- lagh team, and though beaten, struck me as showing very gocxl form. The Inter • Regimental, fixed early this year for June 5th, will be very near at hand when Baily reaches its English readers. The 13th Hussars seem to the V.D. to have a good chance on the play he has seen, and they have some new ponies, particu- larly a chesnut thoroughbred, ridden by Mr. Wise, which drew the notice of one of the best judges Cyclopentolate Eye Drops of horseflesh in England. The 7th Hussars, a very old polo regiment, has a strong team, and will be worth watching. The Inniskillings, with such a power- ful defence as Mr. Neil Haig and Major Rimington, will try very hard to win their third successi\'e victory. The 12th Lancers and Royal Horse Guards will also have good teams. In the course of the playing off the ties, some very close matches will be seen, but it is fortunately not necessary to stake one's credit on a pro- phecy of the result. -1 ** OUR VAN. !♦ 463 Mr. Goodwin Kilburne^s Pio- — If the very cleverly grouped pa^inting which Mr. Baird Carter has been exhibiting at his gallery, 6x , Jermyn Street, is to be bought for the Ranelagh Club, as rumour says, nothing could be more ap- propriate. The picture includes portraits of all the leading polo men, and incidentally reminds us ho'w great have been the services of the Barn Elms Club to the ^ame, and what a centre for polo men is its splendid pavilion. The players are representative, so indeed are the men who are por- trayed, each in their respective lines. In the very forefront of the picture is Dr. George rias- tings, who has certainly been the organiser of victory for the club, and to whose foresight polo men ow^e two out of the three grounds at Ranelagh. In the rear of the players Mr. E. D. Miller smiles benignant ly on the success of the Hunt Cup Tournament, his own idea. From the steps of the pavilion the President of the County Cup Association looks on, while immediately below him Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride are groups of ist and 2nd Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards, and Inniskillings. Mr. John Watson is there, of course. The Dublin Show.— The suc- cess of the Dublin Show in the polo pony classes was most un- doubted, and it is said some good prices were obtained. A spring polo pony show is what we Cyclopentolate Price want in England, and it is to be hoped that the Polo Pony Society will be able to arrange for one — say, at the time of the Hunters' Im- provement Show. That is the time we want to buy ponies. There are many men who keep hunters in the winter and polo ponies in the summer, in the same stalls or boxes, and have there- fore to buy and sell in the spring and autumn. A show is of most value when it leads to some buy- ing and selling, for those who supply the market are thus forced by the most irrefutable argu- ments to recognise the type of pony which attracts customers